The Ultimate Protector Mala 108 Beads Necklace
The Ultimate Protector Mala 108 Beads Necklace
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The Ultimate Protector Mala 108 Beads Necklace

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Description: 40 inches long.  Guru Bead is made from an an oval Black Tourmaline cabochon and measures 1” long by 0.5” wide.  108 bead mala consists of 14 smooth 6mm Pyrite beads, 14 Smooth 8mm Black Tourmaline beads, 24 faceted 6mm clear Quartz beads, 14 Smooth 8mm Tiger’s Eye beads, 14 Smooth 6mm Snowflake Obsidian Beads, 14 Smooth 8mm Labradorite Beads, 14 Smooth 6mm Blue Kyanite Beads. 

Hand knotted with a very strong black nylon cord.  Tied off at the back and knot is finished with three brass, rose gold / silver plated brass beads and knotted at the front with the same plated beads plus two 6mm faceted quartz coin beads.

Black Tourmaline – A good stone for debilitating disease, the immune system, protection, detoxing, balancing energy, dyslexia, paranoia, coordination, blockage removal, and electronic stress.  Can return ill wishes to their source. 

Pyrite – A stone that blocks pollution and negative energy.  Prevents you from leaking energy from your body and deflects harms and bad energies.  Can help you to create a positive spin on things.  This is a great stone if you need to build up your masculine energy (whether you are male or female) and can help you find the root cause of psychic and karmic illnesses.  Can help you to balance instinct and intuition. 

Tiger’s Eye – Can create a high vibrational state.  This stone can draw spiritual entities to earth.  Can help with mental illness and mental clarity. Great to help you accomplish goals. 

Snowflake Obsidian – A great stone to balance the body, mind, and spirit.  Gently releases emotional blockages.  Helps you to full surrender yourself during meditation.   Also a great stone for scrying. 

Labradorite – Aids in psychic protection, reflects negative energy from the aura, stimulates intuition, helps with transformations, and banishes fear. 

Blue Kyanite – A wonderfully powerful stone that doesn’t need charging.  This stone can harmonize your chakras, can help with physical power and mental clarity.  It can also dissolve the energy of anyone who has hooked into your energy field and help you to set healthy energetic boundaries. 

Quartz -The master crystal that can work all forms of magic.  This stone works on many dimensions and levels of yourself.  It generates electromagnetism and lets off static electricity.  It’s a master healer and can amplify your energy.  It can aid in releasing energy or storing it.  This stone also stores information on its user. 

The combination of the properties of all of these stones allows for mega psychic / energetic protection.

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FAQ – What if my mala breaks?  Anytime a spiritual or meaningful piece of jewelry breaks, that means it has fulfilled its purpose.  However, L&F does offer mala repairs or can work with you to make your gemstones into something new. 

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