How to Choose a Mala


Hello lovely people!  So you are here, because you want to choose a mala for  yourself.  At Luna and Flor I make my mala beads based on a few different factors, that will make it easy for you to decide on a piece.  

  • Gemstone Therapy - Each of the mala necklaces will have a combination of different gemstones.  Based on their individual healing properties, different malas will be geared towards different objectives in your healing journey.
  • Numerology -  Each mala has a different combination of beads per type.  You can find a blog post here, to find the meaning of number combinations on each piece.
  • Color Therapy - Colors invoke many emotions that can influence you psychologically.  Since all of the L&F malas have a combination of various gemstones, they will also have a combination of various colors, giving the necklace another set of meanings.  You can see a post about basic color meanings here. 
  • Shape - While most mala beads are round, sometimes different shapes can be used in the process.  This allows for focus on different aspects of your intention as you reach these beads.  
  • Texture - Most beads are smooth, but there are occasionally some faceted or rough beads on the malas.  Like shape, this can allow for focus on different aspects of your intentions as you reach them.  
  • Size - Most Luna and Flor malas are 6-8mm, but bigger beads can be used.  This just depends on personal preference and the size of your fingers.  
  • Guru Bead - Normally this will be a larger gemstone at the center point, but can also be a tassel, or just a larger round bead.  

Hopefully these factors can better help you to choose your mala.  If you have an questions at all, please don't hesitate to send an email via the contact form on the site.