Centered in nature and love, Luna and Flor jewelry is sure to grab your heart and soul.  Every piece has a story to tell and a purpose for your life. 

Rooted in visual storytelling, and colors that are set with intention for your well-being. 

I'm Jonua (Jon-uh) and my name means dove.  I love peace, tranquility, and balance.  I'm an artist and nature is my muse. 

Always exploring and always a student on this planet.  I absolutely love working in so many different mediums.  I'm currently studying to become a Certified Color Therapist, and intend on incorporating this into my work.  Jewelry is a form of self-expression, and in my opinion is so much more than a luxury object.  Everyone should own several pieces they feel expresses their beliefs, personality, and core values.  This is the reason I make affordable pieces! 

A huge fan of earl grey tea, books, animals, canoes, rocks, trees, and photography.  I love meeting genuine people who mentally live off the beaten path.  If it were socially acceptable, I would ask every person I met 20 questions. 

Thanks for stopping by my page.  Drop an email and say hi!