Summer Announcement

Just a little heads up!  Until the end of September I am in the United States visiting my family.  I have someone preparing and shipping orders until my return, however no items will be restocked until I am back and have time to make them.  (Mid-October) If you see something you like, grab it up as my stock is low.  

I have not been able to visit my family for three years!  So far it's been a great visit.  I'm still working on new designs on a daily basis, checking emails, and updating the site from here. 

So far...

I had a 24 hour journey from my French home to my American one.  Two hours to the airport, then a 2 hour flight to Frankfurt.  Then from Frankfurt, I had a 9 hour flight to Washington DC.  From there I had a one hour flight to Cincinnati, and then a three hour drive.  Add in the layovers, and I was awake for more than a day!  My flights were very smooth and the weather was sunny. 

Got to string some green beans from a local farm!  As a child, I did this for hours at a time with my great-grandmother.  It brings back some wonderful memories.  Do you enjoy peeling, stringing, and chopping your food?

Spotted the world's worst dress! Maybe it's to someone's taste, but lime is one of my least favorite colors.  What colors make you feel icky?

Came across this giant Gentically Modified Blackberry.  Look at the size.  Go natural y'all.  This is terrifying.  It even had a strange texture. 

Watched a local band at my friend's lovely wine bar.  Was a little homesick so I ordered a French wine called Sansoucci.  It was fab!!! The weather was kind of perfect too.  Not too hot or too cold. 

Then I spent some time updating my site with new products!  All of the new pieces come with a fun description card, and mini drawstring bag for storage. 

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!  Would love to hear what you are up to. 



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