Gifts From Nature

The past two years have sent me soul searching quite a bit.  I'm sure like myself, most of you have been asking questions about  yourselves.  We've had plenty of time to do this with all of the confinements / lockdowns.  Before it all started I found myself to be quite a city dwelling, urban loving, technology obsessed person.  Luckily I've been able to find a blessing in the curse of the confinements to reconnect with nature and the spiritual side of things. Hopefully you can see it in my new work.


My youth was spent hiking and foraging.  It just came naturally, as things do when  you are raised with them.  I loved camping under the stars in just a sleeping bag, and didn't stress too much over the fact that snakes and bears exist around every corner of the forests I dwelled in.  Then I grew up a bit and school took me away from the things I held so dear to my heart.  The obsession with technology and the world at my fingertips started.  Soon I found myself wanting to be confined to a large city and I forgot about nature's precious abundance and importance.  I thought this was happiness, but more and more I found my GAD getting worse and worse.


Through a negative imbalance like this, we can find ourselves on a hamster wheel of despair.  We can look and find all of the wrong things to "heal" ourselves.  However, it's incredible all of the energy sources and healing plants and herbs we can find in the belly of nature.  Once you reconnect (or connect for the first time), there's no going back.  You will be hooked and find everything you were searching for. 


Two years ago my husband and I purchased a house in a tiny village outside of the city we lived in.  Then, in less than a year, the confinements hit.  It's then I discovered the tiny forests nearby, and it's been a game changer.  The progression of my walks have been life changing.  I now go into the forests to design pieces, meditate, hug trees, and find what gifts mother nature's creatures have left behind on the forest floors. 


Whether rain or shine, I show up, and she never fails to provide me with the healing energy I need to make it through.  Earth's abundance is a gift we should never take for granted.  If you listen to the sounds and look at the colors of nature, you can find a million ways to heal yourself physically and mentally.  The earth provides everything we need.  Take care of her and she will take care of you. 

Recommendations for you:
The Peace and Joy Mala - The combination of the properties these stones allows you to weave together can help you to attain harmony through peace and joy. Take it into the forest to meditate and connect with nature.  Picture Jasper is a great stone to speak to you via the earth.
The Wim Hof Method - Heal yourself through breathing with this method.  Perfect to do in the outdoors, especially when it's brrrrrr cold out there!
Forage: Wild Plants to Gather and Eat - Forage is a beautifully illustrated celebration of edible plants that can be found throughout the world.Anybody can enjoy the increasingly popular back-to-nature activity of foraging. In some countries these plants are now forgotten as food, but in others they are still celebrated for their value as nutritious, delicious ingredients and cooking with wild plants is increasingly being adopted by mainstream restaurants.

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