BIG Happenings!

Hello lovelies!  I'm sure you've heard the great news, but in case you haven't...Luna and Flor is moving to the US!!!  Right now the stock is on its way across the sea and the online shop will be set up again very soon.  I'm hoping the Etsy shop will be updated at the end of May and the website in June.  I will link the Etsy shop on the home tabs, if the website shop is still closed at this point. 

It's been a tough decision whether or not to move my business, but alas I made this decision for several reasons. 

1.  My European sales have never bounced back since Brexit and Covid. The majority of my customers are in the UK, Ireland, and France, but since these dreaded things I went from packing several boxes a day to hearing crickets days at a time.  It's had me biting my nails quite a bit, deciding what to do.

2.  My husband and I are actually moving to the US!  We will be about a year behind my business move, but we are working hard on making our way there.  Sadly I am really shy and anxious here in France, but more at ease to be my quirky loud self at home in the Appalachian Mountains. 

3.  I can offer better shipping rates and packaging to US and Canada based customers.  I can also shave off shipping times.  This will obviously affect shipping times for the EU, but the UK should remain almost the same, as packages from France to the island have drastically slowed down.  We also have a 3 cm width rule in France for packages, and this does not apply in the US. 

Don't forget that I have a Grand Opening Online Trunk Show happening on May 28th!  There will be a giveaway happening for people who show up to the live event, and a special running for that day only.  You can RSVP here

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  • I’m really exited for you! I hope you have a smooth transition. I know that Europe can be a charming place to leave, but USA is a great place to live and grow a business. Off corse this is my opinion, but I’m a fun of this Country.😘


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