Accountability and Goals

Hello you amazing person!  I've decided to share some 2022 goals with you.  Like this, I can hold myself accountable, and show you what supporting a small business can do. 

Right now so many small business owners are suffering and closing their doors.  Part of me wants to tuck my tail between my legs and not weather the storm, but the other part of me is a fighter, and I know that I have some amazing supporters behind me.  So instead, I'm moving forward with my goals and allowing you to help me out and hold me accountable. 

1.  I want to invest in my own laser cutter, but I need your help!  This is a huge expense.  Even for a lower range cutter, I will have to invest a hefty amount of money.  This will allow me to produce wholesale, custom, and out of stock orders rapidly, cutting down on your wait time.  It will also save me money, and allow my prices to stay affordable.  I've set aside a goal from my regular sales, and might even start a counter to see how I'm doing.  In 2022 I need to make an additional 250 sales!  That is about 1 extra piece per calendar work day.  To celebrate, I will be giving away a free print with every purchase in 2022!!!  You heard that right.  (I'll list the print soon, so you can have a look.)

2.  Finish my color therapy studies and add in services with my jewelry.  I know this sounds like a strange one, but I just love color so much and it helps me through the tough times.  I started to notice that people were coming to me and telling me very personal stories of how my pieces helped them through tough times as well.  I did a one on one session with Leona from Indie Roller last year and she also suggested I use color as a tool.  Soooo...I've decided to become a Certified Color Therapist and integrate this with my jewelry.  Like this my pieces will have very intentional color combos with a specific purpose, and I will be able to do private consultations with you, and how you can better your life with color!

3.  Add prints, stickers, and bookmarks to my shop!  Maybe even a calendar, postcards, and other paper items.  I had a huge success with prints last year, and would like to add a new series.  Stay tuned, as I'll be drawing away over the holiday break. 

4. Wholesale. Yep.  I can't believe I still have not taken that leap!  It's happening.  Stay tuned. 

Thanks for sticking around to read about my goals.  Have you started making yours for 2022?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below. 

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