Let's Shift into the Abundance Mindset

Lately it seems there are affirmations everyhwere we look.  They are on social media, in bookstores, on billboards, even on our chain store packaging!  We are starting to wake up and realize we can achieve abundance. 

Surely if we are surrounded by all of these positive words then things will change, but no one is talking about the dark part that comes first.  I'm gonna dig into the dirt and talk about the messy bits of shifting into abundance. It's more than pretty words, but don't fret, those still play an integral role.


1. First and foremost, we need to do our shadow work!  We need to drag all of those scary monsters out of our closets, face them, and then send them packing.  This is the most important step for abundance and bringing forth any sort of improvement in our lives.  There will be a lot of tears, frustration, and heartache during this step, but IT IS NECESSARY. Each person is different, so there are many forms of therapy for this.  We need to find the one that will work for us. 

2.  Once we start acting on the first, we need to start creating good habits and changing our minds.  After letting the shadows follow us for too long, we probably fell into a lot of bad habits.  That's ok, because we are seeking help to clear those.  Now write out a plan of change and action. This isn't easy.  Don't expect to sit down and write a master plan in 30 minutes.  Keep coming back to it and making necessary changes. 

3. Implement a meditation plan, even if it's only ten minutes a day. We need to create a quiet space to sit and be with ourselves. If needed, implement aromatherapy, mala beads, or soothing sounds. Side note:  A lot of us think we suck at meditation.  The laundry we forgot to do keeps popping into our minds, or packing the kids lunches.  I'll write on this another day, but don't worry.  We all do this.  Meditation is a practice, and no one is perfect.  Don't let those fancy reels on Instagram intimidate you.  We don't all open our third eyes after ten seconds. 

4. It's time to literally clean out our closets!  Holding on to old energies can prevent us from moving forward.  While there are obvious heirlooms and memories we should hold on to, move out the doubtful items and clothes / shoes that haven't been worn in over 6 months.  Is there old furniture sitting in storage?  Pass it on to someone who could use it.  Now that we've cleaned our spaces, rearrange a little!  It can also open things up for positive change.

5.  Now most of the sticky work is done.  That monster no longer rents space in our minds, a beautiful plan is written, and our physical spaces are clean. So at this point, start to implement good habits and repeat them.  One of those habits is waking up every single day and saying three things we are grateful for, and then doing the same before bed, no matter how difficult our day was.  We also need to choose our battles wisely.  If a sticky situation arises and gets us down, ask if it's something that will matter in a few years from now, and know when to erase it from our minds and walk away. Don't let useless things take our energy.  The options are limitless for good habits. Maybe set the alarm ten minutes ahead, and have a run or a short Tai Chi session.  Make a goal to hug at least one person a day.  Start to buy the homeless person outside of your work lunch. Take more notes during meetings. Be less reactionary in arguments.  We can all find what works for us. 

6.  Caring for our bodies is super important!  What we eat can affect our mental health greatly. Leading an active vs sendentary life can do the same. Eat good foods, and get in some exercise.  Side note:  I don't preach any particular diet or exercise.  Every single body is different, so you need to find what works best for you. 

7. We've earned all of the fun bits of it now!  Bring on the affirmations, kitten posters, and mala beads!  Not that we can't have those things from the very beginning, we just need to know the dirty part has to be done, and these are tools to keep up the good things we've created.  Nothing is chasing our tails anymore!  Congratulations, at step 7 we've graduated! 

Below are some of my favorite things for the abundance mindset:


The Happy Go Lucky Mala

The combination of the properties of all of these stones allows you to weave together your dreams and desires.


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